During our Document Management solution implementations, we realized that almost 70%
of the organizations do not use their document management systems effectively.

What separates document management system from a file management system is
availability of the content/document at the fingertips via search without the need to
remember the physical file location.

Most of the end users do not use document management system because they cannot find
the content.

One way to make content available effectively is to tag it or keyword it. Acontent importing
user on an average enters 5 keywords during import which is not sufficient enough for a
content to make it to the search results.

We offer Keywording services for your existing image content so that your users can
execute targeted search and get to the content with most relevance.

Talk to us today to see what difference tagging makes to the usability of your system

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What's New? cVault!
Feb 25, 2010

cVault is One Stop, no Overhead Document
Management Solution for Small to Medium
businesseses. Simple yet powerful and Affordable!
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Presenting Starburst 2.0
Sept 28, 2009

Starburst is content migration tool for
Documentum repositories. Now with MTS load
balancing and International character support
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Of License keys and Product Activation
July 12, 2009

Generate Microsoft style product keys, provide
product evaluation versions and activate product
keys with style. Using SHA-256 bit security that is.
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